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Austria: Another Horrific Rape Case in Vienna

Recently, we posted an article about a rape case in Austria and how it brought back memories of a horrific murder of a young girl named Leonie in Vienna a year or so previous. Today, the Austrian press is reporting that 17 young males, aged 13-18, from Turkish and Bulgarian background, have been arrested for the alleged gang rape of a 12-year-old girl-acts that continued over the course of months. The details are sickening. The below article from Heute (Austria) is translated by Fousesquawk.

7 suspects

  Nursery Gang rapes girl (12) in Vienna

Savage abuse case in Vienna: Over a dozen youths allegedly gang raped a 12-year-old several times

From the Heute newsdesk

February 29, 2024 at 17:05

It is likely one of the most serious abuse cases in the capital city (Vienna). As Krone reported on Thursday, 17 suspects are being investigated for repeated rapes of a 12-year-old  girl. The crimes, according to the report, reportedly began at the beginning of 2023 and lasted over months- through numerous gang rapes of the victim by up to 8 suspects (some themselves children) in a parking garage, in a stairwell, and also in a Vienna apartment.

Gang rapes filmed with cell phones

Early Thursday morning, the police reportedly went into action- numerous apartments in Vienna were stormed by officers, (and) some of the suspects were arrested in their bedrooms. They are reportedly mainly children and young people between the ages of  13-18 with Turkish and Bulgarian migration background. 17 arrests were named in the report. The "Nursery gang" reportedly documented the brutal rapes with several smartphone videos.

The starting point for the martyrdom of the 12-year-old victim was reportedly her first boyfriend. He allegedly first forced her into sexual acts, after which she was "passed around" to his friends like a "trophy". In the video, it can reportedly be seen how the girl desperately begs the attackers who are attacking her to stop. For a long time, the girl hid the brutal attacks from her parents-out of shame and fear. At some point, she then described the crimes to her mother.

Suspects apparently show no sense of guilt

According to Krone, all 17 suspects have been released from police custody and are free. There is reportedly no remorse among the "Nursery Gang", also no consciousness of guilt-it was consensual sex, and the girl represented herself as being 14, said to be the uniform defense strategy. Should charges against the group be brought, the very young suspects face up to 5 years imprisonment. The case brings memories of the tragic case of the dead Leonie.

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