Sunday, December 3, 2023

France: Paris Attacker Identified

On Saturday night, a man identified as Armand Rajabpour Miyandoub went on a rampage in Paris stabbing a German tourist to death and injuring two others with a hammer. The suspect is 26 years of age and was born near Paris to Iranian immigrant parents.

Today's edition of Le Figaro gives background on the suspect's criminal past. The article is translated by Fousesqauwk.

 "I am no longer Muslim," The dissembling of the terrorist Armand Rajabpour-Miyandoub

By EM with AFP

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Caption: Armand Rajabpour Miyandoub stabbed a German-Filipino tourist Saturday evening and attacked two other persons armed with a hammer.

After the murder of Samuel Paty in 2020, the terrorist of Bir-Hakeim (Brdige) assured investigators who interrogated him that he had become "anti-Islamist" after his time in prison.

Was it a form of Taqiyya? Known to the justice (system) for several years for his radical Islam and psychiatric troubles, Armand Rajabpour-Miyandoub had established contacts with several Islamist terrorists who had struck France in recent years. In October 2020, after the murder of Samuel Paty, he spontaneously went to the police station to explain the fact that he had had exchanges on social media with the assailant, Abdoullakh Anzorov, two weeks earlier, according to AFP (Agence France Presse).  Over the course of the (police interview), he claimed to have become,"anti-Islamist, radical or non-radical," after his time in prison.  According to OBS (political magazine), his mother had claimed that "he had left detention with a sort of hate towards Islam because of because of what he experienced after his detention." Above all, he felt 100% French, he got out with a love for France," she had claimed when her son was released without prosecution.

In 2016, the year in which he was prosecuted for a planned attack against La Defense (business district just outside Paris), the assailant gave the same speech. "I am radicalized and self-deradicalized." " I am no longer a Muslim, but I am still interested in what is happening there," he said. But for the justice system, the process of radicalization seemed "fragile": In June 2016, the young man was making searches online on "phosphorous bombs" as well as on Adel Kermiche, murderer of Father Hamel at Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray (Seine-Maritime). 

"Black thoughts"

Confronted with his contradictions, he admitted, in 2016, to still having "black thoughts". "The Nice attack did not displease him" and he felt "the need to do a follow-up". At his trial in 2018, his mother said he was "manipulated" and confided he had a very bad experience in his conversion to Islam in 2015 through contact with the jihadist Maximilien Thibaut, through a graffiti site. His older sister spoke of his "morbid timidity."

Sentenced on 16 March 2018 to 5 years in detention for association with terrorist criminals in the La Defense case to 5 years in detention, one of which was, suspended on probation, he got out in 2020 after 4 years of detention, according to sources close to the case. On Saturday, shortly after 9 pm, near the Bir-Hakeim Bridge spanning the Seine, he cried, "Allahu akhbar" several times as he stabbed a German-Filipino tourist and attacked two other persons, armed with a hammer. 


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