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Sweden: Katerina Janouch Writes Against the Islamization in Sweden

New Stockholm mosque (under construction)

-Katerina Magasin

We are translating an article by Katerina Janouch in her blog, Katerina Magasin, in which she decries the taxpayer funding to construct a giant mosque in southern Stockholm. Janouch blames the Swedish authorities who bow to the demands of the Islamists and throw away taxpayer money.

I note the mention of the Muslim organization Ibn Rushd Study Association. This organization in Sweden has been mentioned many times in previous Fousesquawk translations as being a part of the Mulsim Brotherhood in Sweden.

Ms. Janouch's article is translated by Fousesquawk.

The Swedish people happily continue to pay for their own downfall

June 1, 2023-3:19 pm

What do you think is worse? Islamists who openly advance their positions and plan to install sharia law in the little country of Sweden-or Swedes who allow it to happen and gladly contribute to their own downfall by contributing with the tax money? Muslims are determined and do what they think is right to gain world domination, one country at a time. But how in Hell can the Swede sell out his own country to an ideology that in the end, will enslave him, his children, and his people? Treason against one's own people lacks precedent in world history, and it gets worse when politically correct people of culture feel that love of one's own country is something negative and which must be countered. Hello, Swedish people, do you see that Sweden is on the way to becoming a Scandinavian caliphate? Where will you go then if you don't want to be forced to live under sharia law in your own country?

The newspaper, Kvartal, after a tip from Medborgerligt Samling (political party), reveals that the big mosque that is now under construction in Skärholmen in southern Stockholm has close ties to the Islamist movement, Milli Görüs. The tax money of the Swedish people is being greatly misused to make this building possible. The city of Stockholm has donated 13 million (kronors) of our general funds for this political temple, and it really makes you sick. 

Instead of building gigantic mosques to subdue Sweden and the Swedish people and turn Sweden into a Muslim country, we should dismantle the progress of this invasive ideology. But no. The huge building is in progress. expected to be finished in 2025, and when it is ready, the mosque will be three stories high, have 2,500 square meters inside, and for calling out Islam sufficiently, two 63-meter-high minarets.

On the website of the Skärholmen mosque, there is no secret of the anti-Western message. It is explained there that the Western lifestyle is incompatible with Islam. The Western world is accused of putting low desires and pleasure over everything else. "The only principle that is clear and distinct for all Muslims is that sovereignty ultimately belongs to Allah (May His majesty be exalted), as it is expressed in Divine Law. The large majority of all Muslims, even in the most Westernized and modernized countries, would like to live according to sharia and have their own freedom and democracy based on their own understanding of this concept and ideal rather than how they are understood in this modern and post-modern Western country." On the mosque's website, you also find information that the majority of all Muslims want to have sharia law.

From Kvartal

The then-housing minister, Mehmet Kaplan (Green Party), was forced to leave the government in 2016 due to his contacts with the two Turkish organizations, Grey Wolves and  Milli Görüs. In MalmöMilli Görüs' local organization has received contributions from the community for several years, and the local chairman sat for a term on the Social Committee as a representative of the Green Party. The organization cooperates in  Malmö with the Study Association Ibn Rushd.

But is it now suddenly ok to build an enormous  Milli Görüs-connected mosque and finance it with our Swedish tax money? Do they see it as "contributing to a diverse city environment"? This is where the authorities' and politicians' enormous betrayal of Sweden comes into the picture.

More from Kvartal

When the Development Board in Stockholm hammered through 13.3 million kronors for land development for the mosque, Administrator Britta Eliasson wrote in the decision document from the community's development office that the city, "sees the project positively as contributing to a diverse environment". Under the heading, "How the project fulfills the city's goals," it says that it is not judged to "have a negative impact on children," and that, "questions about equality" were not considered.

Britta Eliasson thus sees that the mosque's values on equality and democracy align with the city of Stockholm, from what the Kvartal article says. On that, Eliasson says this:

"I don't know if anyone has made such judgments. When they began to build, in any case, we did a little research. The district administration experienced them as a positive force. Before Rasmus Paludan did his thing in Skärholmen, they mobilized to minimize the impact. When it comes to money, it is really hard to root out what sort of ownership there is in the background. We have seen nothing that we could not accept."

Britta Eliasson thus sides with the Islamists when it comes to questions of freedom of expression. And she sees nothing that the city of Stockholm "cannot accept". With friends like Eliasson, Sweden needs no enemies. Are our authorities really so naive and stupid? It's almost like you wish that Britt Eliasson herself gets a taste of sharia. Unfortunately, the naivety of these authorities is costing the Swedish people dearly. Sweden is distancing itself more from the Swedish Sweden it once was. Sharia Sweden, on the other hand, is clearly coming. Hold onto your hats and put on your burkas, Ladies. I hope that you, Britta Eliasson, have one for yourself and for your female relatives. 

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