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Sweden: Anti-Semitism Within the Social Democrats: Jamal El-Haj

Hat tip Ledarsidorna and Gates of Vienna.

Jamal El-Haj
-Jerusalem Post

The conservative Swedish site, Ledarsidorna, has posted an article about a Social Democrat politician, Jamal El-Haj of Malmo, and his connections to pro-Hamas activities in Sweden.

The Ledarsidorna article is translated by Fousesquawk.

El Haj makes the "S" Visible in Malmo's DNA.

Caption: (Sign) "Jew swine"

Tuesday May 30, 2023

Parliamentary member Jamal El Haj (Social Democrat) has received extensive criticism for his participation in the Palestinian conference that was held this weekend in Malmo. But El Haj's engagement and presence in radical groups have not gone unnoticed for some time.  On the contrary, this presence is a prerequisite for his Parliamentary mandate, previous investigations show.

Social Democrat Parliamentary member Jamal El Haj (Social Democrat) has received extensive criticism for his participation in the Palestinian conference that was held this weekend in Malmo. A conference that Ledarsidorna was the first to reveal with this connection to Hamas. El Haj refuses to be interviewed and consequently refers to his Facebook page where he goes into a longer explanation.

"For the majority of the Palestinian people in the diaspora, every Palestinian's involvement, whether political or idealistic, is an important marker of the people's liberation struggle".

"Attempts to link me to Hamas on the grounds of my participation in what I experienced as a giant folks festival, I consider to be guilt-by-assoctaion." 

Further, during the weekend, he "put the rose on the shelf" (Social Democrats' party symbol, coincidentally.)

This explanation is rejected by several highly-placed Social Democrats that Aftonbladet spoke to. They are all of the view that it is impossible to differentiate between the Parliamentary mandate for the Social Democrat party and what was expressed by Jamal El-Haj at the European Palestinian conference.

"You can't 'put the rose on the shelf' for a while and then take up the (work) for the Social Democrats again afterward. If the party doesn't do something now, it will send a signal to other members that we can put other interests before the party's. This is unacceptable," says one source.

That Jamal El-Haj participated and spoke is also seen by one leading Social Democrat as a blow against the party's work against anti-Semitism in Malmo, where the Social Democrats have been drawn into the problem with anti-Semitism for a long time.

"The advice is given for good reason. This is so f------ sad, " the person says.

Expressen gives a picture of El Haj's political career, but it is far from comprehensive rather is limited to his involvement in Parliament and his time at IF Metal.

In Malmo's anti-Semitic cluster

El Haj has his voter base in Malmo, and as a Social Democrat Palestinian exile, he is placed in a clearly anti-Semitic cluster that has a long tradition of being within radical circles. When El Haj took his place in the Parliament, his views on the Israel-Palestinian conflict were widely known.

That Israel is an "apartheid state" that carries out "ethnic cleansing" and the creation of the Israeli state is a "continuous assault against Palestinians."

"For many of the world's over 10 million Palestinians, the creation and history of the Israeli state is experienced as an ongoing, continuous assault against Palestinians," Jamal El Haj writes among other things in his Parliamentary motion.

El Haj is apparently the only adult Palestinian to perform at a demonstration under a Hamas flag without knowing what it looks like, which Världen Idag (The World Today) was first to report in 2018.

El Haj can be said to symbolize the conflict that comes up with members who have double identities or dual citizenship. These identities or special interests end up resulting in a risk for one and an opportunity for the other.

Hamas, according to its own charter, wants to finish what Hitler began, which is widely known. The Holocaust. Genocide. And this is not just in Israel. A Hamas follower represents the same threat to a Jew regardless of where in the world he or she is, according to its own charter (bylaws).

Jamal El Haj (got into) the Parliament through his network, In the Parliamentary election of 2022, El Haj got 5.97% of the votes cast as personal votes. A comparatively high number.

Jamal El Haj's trust is made possible through his presence in demonstrations that express radical views and anti-Semitic delusions. In addition, El Haj has gained the party's trust by sitting as a substitute in the Foreign Affairs Committee and thereby being given a platform to protect the interest of his network.

Through his position on the Foreign Affairs Committee, El Haj has access to extensive classified information as to Sweden's foreign policy decisions and priorities, as well as relations with foreign powers.

Social Democrats in Malmo have anti-Semitism in their DNA

And that the entire Social Democrat party has revealed basic anti-Semitic values in the organization is witnessed by a series of other expressions.

Mohammed Adeeb, former chairman of SSU (Sweden Social Democrat Youth Association) Malmo Centrum, communicated as late as 17 August 2018 a conspiracy theory that Egypt's president, Abd al-Fattah al-Sisi, was controlled by Israel and that he was a "Zionist agent" with a "Jewish mother".

Another SSU member from Adeeb's SSU-association has spread quotes from the terror-designated Al-Aqsa-Martyrs Brigade that, "Zionism's tails destroyed Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Libya." 

Even though Adeeb's views and rhetoric have been well known and have their natural home in the Nordic Resistance Movement, he participated in the Social Democrat election in 2019 together with candidates for the EU-Parliament.

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