Tuesday, May 30, 2023

CUNY Law: Reactions Continue

Reactions are pouring into the City University of New York (CUNY) Law School after a commencement speaker chosen by the student body gave an incendiary address in which she basically checked all the boxes in expressing her hate; she attacked our country, Israel, Zionists, the NYPD, and white people. I guess the only institution she didn't attack was the New York City Fire Department. Her name is Fatima Mousa Mohammed, and she gave the address earlier this month. 

I am cross-posting the statement by the Jewish Community Relations Council in  New York.


Fousesquawk comment: While I certainly support the above statement (otherwise I wouldn't cross-post it), I feel they are letting CUNY Law off too lightly. This is the second year in a row that a student-selected speaker has used incendiary language against Israel and Jews who identify as Zionists. 

In addition, any perusal of CUNY Law's website will show that they are into what liberals like to call "social justice". They are in the business of training future lawyers who will be left-wing activists.

If you watch the whole sickening speech on video, you will note that her speech was met with repeated applause, not only by the student audience but by the university officials seated on the stage as well. They clearly had no problem with the speech. Then,  like the cowards they are, they first took down the video from YouTube before putting it back up under pressure from the campus left. Their website merely reports the event and lists Mohammed as one of the speakers. No condemnation, no apology. Nothing. 

As stated above, Mohammed's remarks were offensive in many areas, but true to form, it was pro-Palestinian activism that figured prominently in her speech. This was just the latest example of how our campuses have literally been taken over not only by the far left but by anti-Jewish forces posing as human rights activists.  They are nothing of the sort. They are Jew haters advocating for the destruction of the Jewish state because it is Jewish.

It is not enough to say that Jewish parents should not send their children aspiring to be lawyers to a law school such as this. I am not Jewish, and I would never send my kids to CUNY Law School. Unfortunately, CUNY is not the only one in the country like this. There is UC Berkeley, UC Irvine, and Stanford just to name a few that I have written about in the past.

Mohammed, naturally, is entitled to spout her venom because of the First Amendment, which I support. Nobody is arguing that she should be arrested or denied her diploma. At the same time, those who are objecting (like me) have a right to express our opinions and condemn what she said. I also condemn the CUNY Law School for producing future lawyers like Mohammed. People who yell about a "revolution" in the freest country in the world have no concept of our country or of the law.

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