Monday, February 6, 2023

Sweden: US Issues Terror Warning to US Citizens

Thank God someone in our State Department is on the ball. Our government has now issued a terror alert warning for Americans who are in Sweden. Due to the Koran burnings by anti-Islam activist Rasmus Paludan, there is a high risk of a terror attack in Sweden. (I could have figured that out.)

I note in the DOS advisory they warn about possible attacks on places of worship. Translation: Synagogues or Christian churches could be attacked by Muslim terrorists. 

The below article from today's Dagens Nyheter is translated by Fousesquawk.

After Koran burning: USA warns of terror attacks in Sweden

Updated 20:20, Posted 19:52

Caption: Rasmus Paludan outside Turkish embassy

The latest Koran burnings have caused the American government to warn of terror attacks in Sweden.

"The image painted of Sweden is that Koran burnings are sanctioned by protecting Paludan," says Magnus Ranstorp, who is a terrorism researcher at the Defense Academy.

-Clara Wasell

Due to the latest Koran burnings, American citizens are now urged to "avoid public gatherings" and "keep a low profile", which SVT was first to report. The reason is potential revenge attacks after Rasmus Paludan's Koran burnings in Stockholm and Copenhagen, which led to protests in several countries.

Great Britain has also issued a warning for terror attacks in Sweden. In Denmark, the American embassy in Copenhagen already warned of terrorism earlier.

Adam Samara, press spokesman for the Security Police states that they are aware and have had access to the information in the terror warning for Sweden.

"At the same time, all countries have their own threat assessments. When it comes to the USA and Great Britain, we refer to them."

In Sweden, the terror threat level remains at a high level, that is to say, a three on a scale of five.

Adam Samara doesn't want to theorize about what lies behind other countries' assessments but stresses that Sweden's terror threat level is reviewed regularly by following the development of events nationally and in the world. 

"What we can state is that Koran burnings and the reactions and protests that result amount to a very problematical situation that in itself, can be threatening. It is obviously something we are carefully following."

Magnus Ranstorp believes that the reactions after the latest developments have been violent.

" There are strong feelings going around; most recently today I saw a video where someone was shooting at a Swedish flag. One problem is the image that is painted of Sweden that Koran burnings are sanctioned by protecting Paludan."

He believes Koran burnings, together with the hate campaign against social services, where Swedish authorities are accused of kidnapping Muslim children, risk triggering people who are in Sweden.

"The combination of these has set huge forces in motion internationally; it has really put Sweden on the map." 

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