Sunday, January 29, 2023

Forced Marriages in France

The below article concerns the problem of forced marriages in France. Forced marriage is illegal in France, but according to this article, there are some 200,000 forced marriages in the country. The problem is largely among the immigrant community, people who come from countries where the practice is common.

The below article from Revue de Presse Police et Realites (an outlet of the National Police) is translated by Fousesquawk.

200,000 forced marriages in France "My father told me if I protested, or I spoke out, he would kill me."

According to a recent report, there are reportedly 200,000 forced marriages in France. The victims of these marriages are often immigrant women and girls who are forced to marry against their will. often for cultural or religious reasons.

In a poignant testimony, a young woman tells how she was forced to marry at the age of 18 being threatened by her father. "My father told me if I protested, or I spoke out, he would kill me," she stated.

These forced marriages can have devastating consequences on the victims, who may incur physical and psychological violence, as well as sexual abuse. Moreover, they may be cut off from their family and community, and often have difficulty integrating into French society.

It is important to note that forced marriages are illegal in France, and laws exist to protect the victims. However, it is often difficult for the victims to speak about their situation and ask for help.

It is important to sensitize the communities to these problems and to support the victims. Charity organizations and associations can offer assistance services and support people who have been forced to marry. The authorities should also take measures to fight this scourge and protect the victims.

In summary, forced marriages remain an important problem in France, affecting numerous people each year. It is crucial to sensitize the communities to this problem, to support the victims, and to put measures in place to fight against this scourge.

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