Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Netherlands: 9 Suspected Terrorists Arrested

Last week, Dutch police arrested 9 terror suspects on suspicion they were followers of ISIS and were planning a terrorist attack, most likely in the Netherlands. All hold Dutch nationality. Eight were born in the Netherlands, and the 9th was born in Afghanistan.

The below article from today's RTL Nieuws is translated by Fousesquawk.

Remand extended

9 terror suspects in Eindhoven remain in custody

2 hours 34 minutes ago

Caption: Anti-terror unit of police in a separate action

The pre-trial detention of the 9 men who were arrested last week in Eindhoven on suspicion of preparing a terrorist crime has been extended two weeks. According to the Public Prosecutor's Office, the suspects, from 18-31 years of age, are believed to be in sympathy with the ideas of the terror organization, ISIS.

The suspects all have Dutch nationality. Eight were born in the Netherlands, the last in Afghanistan.

"The Netherlands in view"

Justice (authorities) have hardly released anything as to what the 9 were planning. Formally, the suspicions against them: Membership in a terrorist organization, preparing for a terrorist crime, and taking terrorist training.

"We assume that they had the Netherlands in view for the attack," Wim de Bruin from the Public Prosecutor's Office said earlier. "The investigation only began this summer. The men were arrested relatively quickly. The investigation now focuses on what the plans or intentions were."

Their lawyers are not allowed to disclose anything because the suspects are in complete restriction. Earlier, one of the lawyers said that as far as he was concerned, it was a "storm in a glass of water."

Residences searched

In the search of the residences of the suspects last Thursday, so-called data carriers were seized. That would be, for example, telephones, usb-sticks, or hard drives.

RTL Nieuws 


thehandbehindthecurtain said...

Europe is changing. It is becoming more and more Islamic. The first losers will be the women, they will lose their security, equality and freedom, especially if they marry an unreformed muslim man. The second losers will be the lgbtq community. The lgbtq people will face an ever increasing persecution on the streets of European cities, they will face insults, violence and even murder. The third losers will be western minded muslims who do not want to live Islamic but who will be looked down upon by conservative muslims and sometimes persecuted and even killed. The fourth losers will be the general public that already faces loss of freedoms because of Islamic terrorism, because nations will tighten their gun laws, laws dealing with political freedoms, speech, spying etc.

What makes matters worse is that even with all the laws this threat still continues to exist and persist. It simply won't go away. It is now born and bred in European countries in the minds of people who hold Dutch, German, French, British etc. passports. They hold these passports but their mentality is foreign. They of course are hypocrites, they claim to be muslim but chose to live in Christian countries, countries whose people they despise because they eat porc, drink alcohol or have sex out of wedlock etc. We have imported the enemy, made them our neighbours, co workers and even our spouses. Now we face an impossible situation and an uncertain future. We can predict the violence, the hatred and even possible wars, but we cannot do anything about it, because the actions necessary to prevent this would not be politically achievable or humane. The leftists will block at every turn and the constitutions and laws prevent these actions as well. There is a saying how you make your bed is how you will sleep. Maybe I am wrong, maybe in 100 years there will be 0 Islamic extremism in Europe, maybe muslim women in headscarves will be in love with Christian men and have relations with them like normal western love stories and their families will be happy for them, if this will be so then I will gladly be wrong. I only want freedom, security, unity and prosperity for our nations and our people.

Gary Fouse said...

Very well stated.