Monday, September 6, 2021

Family Feud in Sweden-But Who Are the Families?

 Hat tip Samnytt. Translation by Fousesquawk.


The answer to that question is apparently a Swedish state secret since nobody will say who the people were, 50-60 people, all dressed in black, who engaged in several gang fights in the southern Swedish city of Lund today. The brawls are all over the Swedish media, but the big question is-Who are they? The police won't say, nor will the mainstream media outlets. After much searching, we had to go to the conservative Swedish outlet, Samnytt, who is able to tell us that it involves two immigrant clans. The below article also has video (without sound). We are working on sub-titling a Swedish news video on this story.

Video: See clan fight in Lund

Domestic: 6 September 2021, 15:13

On Monday morning, several fights broke out between two immigrant families in central Lund. According to witness reports, there were reportedly about 60 people beaten, including with weapons at the train station and hospital. Samnytt can show two video clips from the fights.

It was 10:12 when police received the first alarm of fights in the city. When police arrived at the scene, the gangs had left, but an injured person was found.

At 10:52, police got an alarm about another fight in a restaurant located at the train station. According to witness reports from the scene, four or five cars reportedly stopped suddenly outside the restaurant. Then a large number of men rushed into the restaurant and began to fight. 

The witness told Kvällsposten that the men were "extremely excited and terribly aggressive". They reportedly also threw outdoor restaurant furniture and a street sign at the restaurant.

Police confirm clan fight

Later, a fight between 50-60 people broke out outside the hospital in Lund. A total of 4 people were taken to the hospital with injuries. Because of the fight outside the hospital, ambulances were diverted from Lund to Malmö.

According to police, it was a fight between "two groups". But authorities don't want to say which groups were involved or the cause of the conflict. Later on Monday, police confirmed that it was a conflict between two families. One of the families is found in the police's clan report.

See video below.

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