Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Sweden: Immigrant Gangs Set up Roadblocks Outside Gothenburg

This past week we reported on a shootout between rival immigrant gangs outside Gothenburg, Sweden. Now it appears that one of the gangs, the  Hjällbo Network, has actually set up their own roadblocks and checking people and cars going in and out of the no-go zones. The police are aware, but it appears as of now, they have not taken action. This has to be a new low for the Swedish police. Updated information indicates that members of this Hjällbo Network are traveling to Gothenburg from outside of Sweden. More violence is feared.

The below article from the conservative Swedish site, Samnytt, is translated by Fousesquawk.

*Note: The photo in the article is not taken in Sweden. It is a roadblock in Syria.

Information: Criminals Set up Roadblocks in Hjällbo. Check ID. June 1, 2021 17:34

According to information to Samnytt, criminal clans have once again set up roadblocks where they, among other things, check passersby ID documents. The information is confirmed by a police source.

Last August, Samnytt reported about roadblocks in Gothenburg's no-go zones where incoming and outgoing vehicles to and from, among other places, Hjällbo and Hammarkullen, were stopped and searched. Erik Nord, police chief of  Greater Gothenburg, commented that this is "completely unacceptable".

According to information to Samnytt on Tuesday, it is time again when roadblocks are set up and people are being stopped in the middle of the day. People who walk between Hammarkullen and Hjällbo are also stopped. Behind this are people reportedly tied to the  Hjällbo Network, and this is done even though the area is full of police.

Those who are stopped are told to show ID documents and give their home address. Clan members at the roadblocks move about the area on scooters, dressed in protective vests and outfitted with walkie-talkies according to the information.

Samnytt has been in contact with a police source who confirms the information. The source reports that it is people from Hjällbo Network who set up the roadblocks and carry out personal checks in the area. For this reason, the police are sending resources to Hjällbo.

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