Saturday, May 15, 2021

The Pro-Palestinian Protesters Target Jews

How many times have you heard that the pro-Palestinian movement is not about attacking Jews or Judaism? It's just against Zionism and the policies of Israel vis-a-vis the Palestinians, right? It's a key feature of their vast propaganda machine when dealing with Westerners. But as usually happens, when they get riled up about something, as they are now riled up over developments in the Middle East, the Jew-hatred comes spewing out. In fact, I would argue that the entire Israel-Palestinian conflict is not about land. It is about religion. As you will see just from some of the examples I have chosen below, these protests are often accompanied by the threatening cry of, "Allahu Akbar". But it has nothing to do with religion, right?

In addition, the pro-Palestinian rallies, unlike the pro-Israel rallies, are always tense, on the verge of getting out of hand, or at times violent. Sometimes, if you are lucky, they only interfere with traffic. In some cases, however, synagogues are targeted. But it has nothing to do with religion, right? Synagogues have been targeted for protests or even vandalism. 

Both in Europe and the US, the Jew-hatred has manifested itself during the past week. In Europe, many major cities have been hit with pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel protests. I would like to show you a few.

On May 14, protesters took to the streets in the Dutch city of Utrecht. You can see what happened here and here.

Also on May 14, protesters took over the famed Piazza del Duomo in Milan. That can be viewed here

May 12 Stockholm  (Hat tip Samnytt)

(Above) May 12 Gelsenkirchen (Germany) in front of synagogue: "Shit Jews!" Note the Turkish flags.

(Hat tip Ongehoord Nederland)

And, perhaps,  most shockingly, right here in the USA, in Florida (Hat tip RAIR Foundation)
*Update: The NY-based Jewish site, Algemeiner, reports that the group involved in the above Florida incident are believed to be "white nationalists".

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