Saturday, May 1, 2021

France: Follow-up on the Jihadist Murderer of Rambouillet

Hat tip FDesouche and Marianne. Translation by Fousesquawk.


A few days ago, we reported on the murder of a French policewoman in the city of Rambouillet at the hands of a Tunisian man who yelled, "Allahu Akhbar" in carrying out his attack slashing the throat of the poor woman as she entered her office at the police headquarters. The murderer, Jamel Gorchene, was shot dead by other officers. Now we learn that the killer received a residence permit to stay in France even after posting disturbing messages on his social media.

After the murder of Samuel Paty, the cut-throat of Rambouillet wrote on Facebook: "O Muslims, now we will respond to the insults from France". 2 months later, he obtained his residence permit.

Koba  4-30-21

Four months before the attack at Rambouillet, the Prefecture of Val-de-Marne had issued a residence permit to Jamel Gorchene, the murderer. Before awarding such a title, the services of the prefecture verify that the person doesn't constitute a "menace to public order". In his case, there had been no alert. This in spite of the troubling messages that he posted on Facebook.

How did the Prefecture of Val-de-Marne come to regularize an undocumented person who spread radical propaganda on social media?

Jamel Gorchene, this Tunisian national, who stabbed a policewoman to death at the police headquarters of Rambouillet (Yvelines) had been issued a temporary residence permit on 28 December 2020, well after the first alarming messages had surfaced on his online profiles. Anti-Terrorist Prosecutor, Jean-François Ricard, also emphasized: Since the fall, the attacker showed on his public Facebook account, "an adherence to an ideology legitimizing violence against those having offended the Prophet."

These messages, visible to all-Marianne gained access without difficulty- seem to bear witness. Beginning in April, 2020, he only posted prayers and Koranic verses, while closely following the radical sermons of Sheikh Ali-al Qaradawi, a 72-year-old Qatari close to the Muslim Brotherhood. A few days after the beheading of Samuel Paty, he justified future violence on social media. "O Muslims, now we will respond to the insults from France and Macron against our Prophet Mohammad."


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