Thursday, May 13, 2021

Disorderly Conduct in the Netherlands: Anti-Israel Protest

Hat tip Dagelijkse Standaard. Translation (of the Dutch) by Fousesquawk.

 Yesterday, hundreds of pro-Palestinian Arabs took to the streets of the Hague to demonstrate near the Israeli embassy. It looks like at times, things got out of hand, hardly surprising. In addition, there were plenty of "Allahu Akbars". The conservative Dutch blog, Dagelijkse Standaard, has several videos with comments. We have also translated the Twitter comments that accompany the video. Click the link below to view the videos.

(Videos) Pro-Palestinian demonstrators cause unrest near Israeli embassy: "Allah akbar!"

Again many people go out on the street to express their support for the Palestinians. Yesterday, there was unrest in Rotterdam, and today hundreds of pro-Palestinian demonstrators disrupted order near the Israeli embassy in the Hague.

And today, several hundred Dutch demonstrators showed which side they stand in the conflict. With a lot of fanfare and showing of flags, they showed that they support the Palestinians in the conflict.

First video from Bob van Keulen on Twitter (comment):

"Demonstrators walk by World Forum. 'Israel terrorist', and 'boycott Israel', they call out.

Second video from Bob van Keulen on Twitter:

"On the last day of Ramadan, before Eid, youths demonstrate in front of the embassy of Israel. No police to be seen. ICTY (International Tribunal Court for Yugoslavia) has called police because the demonstrators are not allowed to demonstrate on their grounds."

Third video from Bob van Keulen on Twitter:

Again, plenty of  'Allah akbar' at the demonstration for Palestine and against Israel.

- (Dagelijkse Standaard) In addition to the usual anti-Israel slogans and rhetoric, there were the usual anti-Israel figures also present at the demonstration. A spokesman from the anti-Semitic BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) was also at the party.

Fourth video by Bob van Keulen:

"The Hamas fundraiser, Abou Eenarm, is also again present  at the demonstration for Palestine and against Israel."

Fifth video by Bob van Keulen:

"BDS activists who want all products from Israel out of supermarkets are once again, also present."

-(Dagelijkse Standaard) Finally, they didn't just demonstrate, and the demonstrators went onto the street, which disrupted traffic considerably.

Sixth video by Bob van Keulen:

"It goes wrong again."

Seventh video by Bob van Keulen:

"Too few police and no control at all."

-(Dagelijkse Standaard): A counter-demonstrator with an Israeli flag was also attacked. He was chased and his flag taken and destroyed.

Eighth video by Bob van Keulen:

"Someone with a Jewish flag is chased. Police do nothing about it."

-(Dagelijkse Standaard): Peace has now returned.


Fousesquawk comment: A contrast to the pro-Israel rally I attended yesterday in Irvine, California. It was loud, it was boisterous, but it was orderly and peaceful. A few heated words were directed by a couple of people at some pro-Palestinian youths who showed up with keffiyehs and a Palestinian flag. However, there was no violence, and the counter-protesters were allowed to stay and even engage some pro-Israel folks in quiet exchanges. Nobody was assaulted or chased. No Palestinian flag was ripped away and destroyed. 

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