Sunday, April 12, 2020

The Lock Down Continues in Germany: Hitler Reacts

My latest Hitler parody masterpiece. "Translation" by Fousesquawk.


Anonymous said...

Germany has a lower death rate due to the disease than we (and most other countries) do. Plus, nobody's losing their health insurance there due to all this.

Not sure that's the country to be mocking. They're doing a much better job than we are.

Gary Fouse said...

Actually, this video doesn't mock Germany. Hitler parodies basically take a current event and using a little imagination, use it to make up stuff to mock Hitler. Of course, many maintain-with good reason- that there was nothing funny about Hitler, but he has been mocked ever since he burst on the scene.

The problem that Germany is having in relation to the Corona virus is that like in many European countries, but not the US, their Muslim communities are largely ignoring the lockdown, which should be pointed out. In addition, the government under Merkel continues to support the flow of Muslim migrants and refugees into Europe which makes even less sense now than it did say, 6 months ago.

BTW: Don't get the impression that I have something against Germany (other than the 3rd Reich and Holocaust). I spent three years there and actually love the country.