Sunday, January 26, 2020

SJP Conference at University of Michigan

This weekend, Students for Justice in Palestine was scheduled to hold its Midwest conference at the University of Michigan. Given SJP's track record of bullying, disruption and intimidation against pro-Israel Jewish students and their own campus events, and the fact that one of their co-founders, UC Berkeley Hatem Bazian, who has a long history of Jew-baiting, several Jewish groups have written to the University of Michigan to express their concerns.

Here is how the University of MIchigan campus newspaper, the Michigan Daily, is reporting it.

At this point, I don't know how things turned out. While I support free speech, I think the event should be closely monitored by university officials as to any hate speech that might occur. I also support any lawful protest that might be held, and I think that given recent events at UMich, the feds might want to take a look as to whether federal funds should be given to this university in light of the President's recent executive order addressing campus anti-Semitism.

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