Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Prince Charles the Idiot

Charles of Arabia

Since Benny Hill passed away, I suppose the funniest man in Britain is now Prince Charles-with all due respect to George Galloway. Every time Charles pops his head up, he demonstrates his total idiocy. I give him kudos for last week's visit to Israel  to pay tribute to the victims of the Holocaust at Yad Vashem. But, of course, we knew that Charles was going to offset it with his customary tribute to the Islamic world and Iran. The Washington Examiner has his latest inanities.

There are those who suspect that Charles is secretly a Muslim. I won't go there. I don't really care-just as I don't care about his Diana-Camilla soap opera. To me, this guy is the product of too many centuries of royal inbreeding. I respect Queen Elisabeth, but her two sons (Charles and Andrew) have done nothing to enhance the prestige of Britain's Royal Family. In fact, I hope Elisabeth lives to be 150 just so we won't have to see a  King Charles stumbling across the world stage. That would be the final cap on a country that is sliding into the abyss.

As an example of royal intermarriage, I am going to post three photos of Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany, King George V of Britain, and Czar Nicholas II of Russia.

Notice the resemblance? You should because they were cousins. Keep in mind that Wilhelm was fighting against Nicholas and George during World War I! That was a war that sensible heads of state would not  have stumbled into. (We'll give George a pass since Britain was and is a constitutional monarchy with prime ministers.) Scientists will tell you that intermarriage tends to produce idiots. (And we are supposed to trust the science, right?)

A lid for every pot.

Even while doing the right thing in Israel, Charles couldn't keep from stumbling over his own clown shoes. At a reception ceremony. he walked right past Vice President Pence and refused to shake hands with him. The explanation was that he had just spent several minutes with him chatting backstage. Yet, even Charles, a veteran of thousands of ceremonies, knew that this is when the flashbulbs would be popping. If you fail to take that one outstretched hand, it would be seen around the world. Maybe it was just his clumsiness, but at a moment like that, you  make sure you don't snub anybody- unless you mean to.

What Charles the Idiot fails to grasp is that radical Muslims, jihadists, and Iranian mullahs are not touched when gullible non-Muslims prostrate themselves and ask for peace. They are only emboldened when they see weakness. Oh, some will play along, but the final goal is conquest over, and submission on the part of the infidel. For them, Charles is a useful idiot   infidel. They know that he is an empty suit, a  goodwill ambassador who spends his time on a feather pillow and attending ceremonies wearing fancy uniforms with fancy medals that mean nothing. Charles, for his part, cannot even see what his much-exalted Islam is doing to his own country. Does he have no clue about the radical mosques, Anjem Choudary, and the Pakistani sexual groomers?

I don't want to belittle the Royal Family as a British institution. If it means something to the British people, fine and dandy. They have had monarchs who conducted themselves with dignity and grace. Some have not. Queen Elisabeth has. Prince Charles has conducted himself like a Charlie Chaplin character, Mr Bean in a uniform. We don't need his pronouncements on serious issues. The best thing he could do is stay in his castle and tend to his garden.

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