Monday, January 20, 2020

Netherlands: Police Arrest 4 Members of Moroccan Mafia in Attempted Prison Break

Hat tip Ben

Dutch police have arrested four members of the Moroccan Mafia as they attempted to break one of their leaders out of Zutphen Prison on Sunday. I am receiving Dutch reports which will be translated. Here is what is reported:

The suspects came from France and were attempting to break a prisoner identified only as Omar L. out of Zutphen prison, the Netherlands 2nd most secure prison. Omar L. is serving a life sentence for two murders. It is reported that they set a van on fire and rammed it against the main  gate of the prison, but were unsuccessful and all apprehended. Reportedly, German police were also involved in the take down, but how that is not clear.

Omar L. has been transferred by helicopter to the country's most secure prison at Vught.

More to follow.

The below links are in Dutch (translation pending).

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