Monday, January 20, 2020

More on Dutch Prison Break Attempt

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The below article from De Telegraaf is translated by Fousesquawk.

Violent escape attempt of Moroccan Mafia chief foiled

Zutphen- Guards foiled a brutal and extremely violent escape attempt this afternoon of a head of the Moroccan Mafia . According to the first reports a group of accomplices of Omar L,. serving a  life sentence, attempted to break into the prison in Zutphen. During the failed attempt a car went up in flames.

A spokesperson from the Justice and Security  Ministry confirmed the failed escape attempt. The police unit (East Netherlands) inform that 4 persons are under arrest. The police called among others, the German police, military police, national unit, investigation and Special Intervention Service to assist in the search for the perpetrators.

Officers were able to track the suspects on N813 near Wehl and arrest them. In the process, a warning shot was fired.

Omar L. was sentenced last summer to life imprisonment for his involvement in two murders and three attempted murders.

The court considered the murders and the attempted murders completely proved and spoke of heinous crimes and people on death lists. Omar L. was, according to the court, the order-giver or gave instructions. the 25-year-old accomplice, Hicham M. was the shooter. "They seem to have no conscience. The (threat of ) death of casual bystanders was increased."

On Sunday afternoon, Omar L. was out of precaution transferred by helicopter to the extra secure prison at Vught, Justice confirmed. Among others, Ridouan Taghi and Willem Holleeder are imprisoned there.

L. was earlier held at (a facility) in Krimpen aan den IJssel, but was transferred because there were plans to murder him inside prison walls. Police then received a tip that he would be murdered in the prayer room with a smuggled  firearm. Sander Janssen, Omar L.'s lawyer refused to comment. On Twitter, he confirmed the transfer of L.

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