Thursday, January 16, 2020

Italy: Nigerian Mafia Terrorizes Padua

Hat tip Gates of Vienna for editing, Vlad Tepes for sub-titling. Translation by Fousesquawk.


The northern Italian town of Padua (Padova) has been in the news a lot lately. In recent weeks, they have expelled two imams for mistreating children and spreading jihadist propaganda, both cases having been described on this site.

In addition, like several Italian towns, Padua is having to deal with the presence of the Nigerian mafia, thanks to the reckless refugee policies of the country's current government. The below news article from Il Giornale is disturbing. It also contains a video. Translation of the written article and video by Fousesquawk.

Drug dealing, robbery and aggressions: Nigerians terrorize Padua (Padova)

Once again we talk about the Nigerian mafia: In less than 24 hours double episodes of degradation in the city center, and always on via Diego Valeri

There is no peace for the residents of the center of Padua, particularly for the area in the immediate vicinity of via Diego Valeri, a road bordering the area occupied by the former gas meter, (which has) become for some time a meeting place for loiterers and drug addicts.

Taking up always new space recently in the local news are criminal foreigners, in particular of Nigerian nationality, so much so that in the municipal council the problem is beginning to be evaluated in a more serious and direct manner. The motion on the Nigerian mafia brought to the agenda by the director of (political party) Fratelli d'Italia in Padua, Elena Cappellini, as reported by the local press, was approved with 18 votes in favor. The Nigerian mafia is a concrete problem and it is useless to turn away and talk of fantasies to minimize the extent.

Within a few hours, at the troubled via Diego Valeri, two separate cases with young, foreign protagonists, first the theft in the interior of a restaurant, then a furious fight which involved a group of at least 8 men of Nigerian nationality.

The first incident, last Monday 13 January. In the middle of the night, and after closing time of the commercial business, the restaurant "Antica Cina (Old China) was targeted. Using the cement base of a street sign, two Africans, with faces exposed, repeatedly struck the window of the business until it was shattered. Once the breach was opened, one foreigner entered the location, taking a cash register, and then returned outside, where an accomplice was waiting for him. All the images taken by a video surveillance camera installed right in the vicinity of the restaurant itself.

Not even 24 hours later, precisely the late afternoon of Tuesday 14 December (sic) January, a new incident of degradation, with the beating of an Italian drug addict by a gang of Nigerians, who began to fight among themselves.

It was about 6 pm and as one of the witnesses, the lawyer Giorgio Ronzani, told Il Gazzettino, he was present at a scene "of unheard of violence. An Italian, I believe a drug addict, was yelling for help while being submerged in a rain of kicks and punches".

Afterward the blows were among the same Africans, who began to throw themselves on each other. "The employees of the area's offices came out to see what was happening. I also shouted,' Stop. It is all useless", recalled the witness. "In via Valeri, they deal drugs every day," reports Ronzani. "The owners of the looted restaurant are my clients. They wanted to open a  recreational club in Guadenzio Passageway, on the place where a bar is now closed. The municipality, with the assessor Bressa, was also in favor because by opening gathering places, the degradation of the drug dealers is eliminated. But now the Asian business people are afraid.

As previously mentioned, the municipality has taken the problem in a serious manner, talking openly of the Nigerian mafia, thanks to the motions of Fratelli d'Italia. Among the supporters is also Luigi Tarzia, advisor to the security commission and advisor to the municipality of Padua. "The phenomenon of the Nigerian mafia is in constant expansion. The areas hit hardest are the train station and San Carlo all'Arcella. While in De Gasperi Square, thanks to private security, the African drug dealers have been kept away, " he maintains with pride.

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