Friday, August 23, 2019

Netherlands: Homes for Somalis Fleeing.....Brexit

Hat tip Dagelijkse Standaard: Translation by Fousesquawk.

It seems many Somali refugees living in Britain are afraid of what will happen to their status when Britain leaves the EU. Solution? Move to the Netherlands. The Dutch government has tried to dissuade them due to a housing shortage, but thanks to a Dutch judge, one Somali family "fleeing" Birmingham will receive a house. Surely, more will be on the way.

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"War-torn" Birmingham, England

Judge rules: Somali "Brexit-returnees" Somali family gets house

A Somali-Dutch family has "fled" from Birmingham. According to the court in Utrecht, they must immediately receive a house. Fortunately that the new, gas-free residences are unaffordable and unpurchased, (so) they can immediately move into these expensive properties.

Apparently, even more - as many as 25,000 - Somalis want to make the crossing to our little country. This way it will be pleasantly busy on the already tight housing market. Various ministries have even run a campaign to combat the flow of 'refugees'. It is no problem if we have courts that will place these people directly in homes. This signal is a license to still come here. The British must be happy, I suppose.
The Somalis were already here in the Netherlands in the 1990s, but they made the choice to move to England. In England they could live in their own enclaves, something that the Netherlands tried to prevent. Various municipalities refused to offer housing to the family that arrived here. This is because they would be 'homeless due to their own fault'. What it comes down to is that they didn't actually think about the crossing. They have left an excellent - and safe - residential area to be able to benefit more here. According to various municipalities, this is not how it works.

But the judge thought differently. All the trouble from our government, and then the court decides to announce permission for immigration.

They get signals that there were (problems), so we have sent them a message in Somali that there is no reason for panic. We have told them that for them nothing has changed after Brexit. They are fine there." 
This time the government had good intentions but the court decision did the opposite. We shall see if more now come, surely with the fear of Brexit in mind.

-Geert Wilders (Twitter): "Sure, First 50,000 homes for fortune seekers, and now they go to Somalis. Our own people last."

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