Saturday, June 22, 2019

Professor of "Islamophobia" at Lutheran College Bashes Christianity

File this one under, Go Figure. Todd Green, a professor at Iowa's Luther College-a Lutheran private college, Dear Reader- is a supposed expert on "Islamophobia", a term conjured up by Islamists to silence critics of Islam and others who point out the daily atrocities being committed by the so-called "Religion of Peace" (which has been been going on for 1400 years).

I have seen and heard diatribes from those supposedly representing Christianity before. They point to all the "intolerance" in Christianity today, you know, things like opposing homosexuality, gay marriage, and abortion, while ignoring the horrors being carried out in the name of Islam; beheadings, honor killings, killing Christians and Jews, death to apostates and blasphemers, and all that.

So now comes Mr Green, who while teaching at a Lutheran institution, proceeds to defend Islam while bashing Christianity.

I won't try to add much to Jihad Watch's own very effective critique. Suffice to say that comparing the mistakes and sins of so-called Christian leaders over the centuries to the deliberate, Allah-inspired violence and intolerance in Islam is a joke. Yes, there was the Inquisition, arguably the Vatican's worst crime. There were clerics who stood silent during slavery. There were the Crusades, whoever you think was right or wrong. Pedophile priests is a terrible problem.

Using Hitler, the Nazis, and the KKK as examples of Christian wrongdoing is shaky at best. Hitler's Nazi movement persecuted and murdered Jews, but supressed Catholics and Protestants. They did not commit their crimes in the name of God, but in the name of racial superiority. As for the KKK, it is true that some of their more educated members who could spell G-O-D invoked his name, but most were a bunch of thugs who were acting in the name of maintaining their twisted system of racial superiority over black people.

But you have to wonder what the administrators at Luther College, a Christian institution, are thinking when they hire a professor who bashes Christianity in order to defend Islam. As for Mr Todd, if he wants to protect innocent Muslims from suspicion and discrimination, that is all well and good. Lying about the very nature of Islam in a college setting is unpardonable.

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