Monday, May 27, 2019

Two Names on a Wall (2019)

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In 2007, I wrote a posting after hearing that the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington had been defaced. The article was in tribute to two of my high school friends who had laid down their lives in that tragic war, Dorian Houser and Michael Vinassa. Ever since, I make it a yearly practice to re-post that article in observance of Memorial Day. Here it is.

Recently, a friend in the Netherlands who I speak with on a weekly basis via Skype (He is my Dutch language conversation partner as I attempt to achieve fluency in that language), took a vacation to France and Germany with an American friend of his. They were planning to visit Normandy, and I told him that for his American friend, the visit to the American cemetery at Omaha Beach would be an emotional experience. After returning last week, my Dutch friend told me that it was, indeed, an emotional experience, not only for his American friend, but for him as well.

Today is a somber reminder that America, our country, is indeed worth fighting for.

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