Friday, May 31, 2019

Reservists on Duty and UC Irvine

Hat tip Frontpage Magazine

"UC-Irvine is the most dangerous place for Jews today.”

Daniel Greenfield has an excellent article in Frontpage Magazine on the organization, Reservists on Duty, and their experiences on American campuses. Reservists on Duty is a group of Israeli military vets who travel the US presenting their side of what it is like to be an Israeli soldier. Not surprisingly, they encounter rabid opposition from the pro-Palestinian forces on campus, Muslim Student Associations and Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP).

I also note that the article singles out UC Irvine, where I taught part-time from 1998-2016 and where I witnessed first hand how rabid that anti-Israel movement can be. I have met several of the Reservists at UCI and was present when their presentation was disrupted by SJP in May 2017.

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Is UCI "the most dangerous place" for Jews today? I don't know, but one can certainly make that argument as far as college campuses in America are concerned. And where is it worse for Jews than on a US campus? I have always argued that 99% of UCI's students are not involved in the ugliness. Yet, over and over through the years, UCI has been given a black eye by the Muslim Student Union and SJP with their hateful invited speakers and their disruptions of pro-Israel events while the university turns a blind eye. In reality, the same problems exist across the country in our universities. The list is endless, from every UC campus to Columbia to Rutgers to Stanford to Harvard ad nausea. Outside of politics, no American institution is as intellectually corrupted as the university.

But I salute the courageous young men and women of Reservists on Duty. Unlike their critics, they are willing to put on the uniform of their country and defend it.

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