Sunday, May 26, 2019

Jews in Germany

Hat tip Jihad Watch

As anyone who knows the slightest bit of history knows, Germany, more than any other nation, has a special responsibility to fight anti-Semitism. In my view, the country has worked hard to make itself once more a respected member of the family of nations, a decent country. It has accepted its responsibility for the Third Reich and the Holocaust-even while some of their accomplices in other nations have not. Germany has worked hard to educate its youth about the horrors of the Third Reich. Now, however, it is all in danger of collapsing. Under Angela Merkel's insane immigration policy, which has dumped a million Muslims-mostly single young men- into the country, anti-Semitism has returned to Germany in force, as well as in the rest of Western Europe.

Now comes the country's commissioner for anti-Semitism, Felix Klein, who this week advised Germany's Jews not to wear their kippahs in public. Israel, understandably, has reacted in anger and defiance. Of course, Klein wants to blame most of the hate on the far-right and supporters of Alternatif fuer Deutschland party.

To the extent that there are some neo-Nazi types among native Germans, that certainly must be condemned. The main problem, however, lies with the attacks coming from those who arrived in Germany with a previously learned hate for Jews-not something they recently picked up on the internet. To cover up or downplay that problem is to become an accomplice.

If Germany has to assign security for every single Jew, synagogue, and Jewish school in the country, they must do so. The solution is not to ask Jews to hide under their beds. This is tantamount to when the government advised women to dress modestly and/or stay indoors at night because they cannot protect their own populace from  rape and other forms of violence from asylum-seekers from places like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. Not since the Red Army was storming through Berlin in 1945 has such advisement been necessary. The question I would ask Mr Klein is if he believes that advice given to German women is due to the uptick in neo-Nazis, the far right, or Alternatif fuer Deutschland. Of course, the answer is no. Of course, we remember New Years Eve in Cologne a couple of years back when hundreds of German women were sexually assaulted in front of the city's famed cathedral while police were unable to even reach the women to protect them. And it wasn't neo- Nazis, the far right, or Alternatif fuer Deutschland that were doing the attacking. The fact is that it is mostly the same perps attacking Jews as the ones who are attacking women.

If Germany really wants to combat anti-Semitism, make the country safe for women to walk the streets, and reduce the violent crime wave, the answer is clear. Close the borders and start expelling all the so-called asylum-seekers.


Anonymous said...

According to Horst Seehoffer, Germany's Minister of the Interior, 90 percent of the attacks have come from those identifying with Far Right groups. I think that he should know.

90 percent, Fouse. But you want to go on about Muslims.

Gary Fouse said...


Whoever you are, not even you can believe that number. If that's accurate, how come Seehofer doesn't support Merkel's immigration policies?

Anonymous said...

Are you questioning me or Seehoffer? Those were his figures. Are you saying that he didn't say that? Is he trustworthy because he doesn't support Merkel's policies? Or is he untrustworthy because of what he said?

Gary Fouse said...

How can I question you? You have no name. After all the things Merkel has said, then Klein, who can trust anything these German leaders say? What I say and stand by is this: I condemn anti-semitism whether it comes from neo-Nazis, white nationalists or Muslims. Most anti-semitism in Europe today and most attacks against Jews including the worst-murder- are being committed by Muslim immigrants, asylum-seekers and refugees. Not all Muslims to be sure, but Europe's leaders and media have been lying to the public for years now about the nature of the threat they face.

If you want another example of this deceit check out what happened this week with the Justice minister in the Netherlands. His office falsified stats on crime by asylum-seekers. And he got caught.