Monday, March 18, 2019

Utrecht Terror Attack Update

Latest reports from Utrecht are that police have arrested 37-year-old Turkish national Gökmen Tanis.  He has a previous arrest record and was known to Dutch police. There are unconfirmed reports that he had fought in Chechnya. It appears that Tanis hijacked a red Renault, which was later found and reported to the police. Reportedly, the witness saw a note in the car with the word, "Allah" on the bottom.

At this time, three people are in custody including Tanis' brother, but it is not clear if charges will be filed on the other two. There are also reports that shootings occurred at other locations, but I have seen no details on that.

In the below-linked article from the De Telegraaf, we have translated that portion of the article from the Dutch.

"In de buurt Pijlsweerd ziet een bewoonster een rode Renault Clio met draaiende motor voor de deur staan. Het blijkt te gaan om het voertuig dat T. gekaapt heeft om het 24 Oktoberplein te ontvluchten. „Vreemd vond ik dat”, zegt de bewoonster later over de verdachte wagen. „Ik hoorde ’m maar draaien, maar er zat niemand in. Ook het raampje stond open”, wijst ze met haar handen zo’n dertig centimeter van elkaar. „Zo’n stuk wel.” Als ze later terugkeert van een boodschap en de auto nog steeds stationair draaiend aantreft, besluit ze een kijkje te nemen. „Echt raar, er lag ook een briefje in met onderaan het woord Allah.”

In the neighborhood Pilsweerd, a resident sees a red Renault Clio with the motor running in front of the door. It turns out to be the vehicle that T. hijacked to flee October 24th Square. "I found that strange," says the resident later about the suspect car.  "I only heard it running, but nobody was in it. The window was also open" she points with her hands about 30 centimeters from each other. "Such a piece." Later, when she returns from an errand and finds the car still running, she decides to take a look. "Really weird, there was also a note with the word, Allah at the bottom."

In the below article from Dagelijkse Standaard, they report that ISIS has issued propaganda online that cheers the attack and shows a poster showing a photo of the attack scene with a body lying on the ground covered by a white blanket or sheet. Superimposed is a photo of a masked sharpshooter with a rifle (not Tanis). The poster promises that they will do something worse-if Allah wills it. I have decided to post the image but with the victim blurred out. My reason is that the public must be fully aware of the threats we are facing-in the Netherlands and here as well. Again, translation is by Fousesquawk.

Repugnant: ISIS cheers the Utrecht-killer Gökmen Tanis and supports him with propaganda: "We stand behind you!"

"On the poster is a photograph of today's attack, on which a body is shown lying next to the  Utrecht tram. Over the victim lies a white blanket. Above that is the chilling text: "We will do something worse than this. bi idni Allah". The latter (part) means: If Allah wills it. There is also a sharpshooter pictured in front of a photo-shopped Utrecht background, but this man is not Gökmen Tanis. Indeed, he did not use any sharpshooter rifle, and was-so far as the security images show-not masked. 

Besides, the poster doesn't appear to be made in the Netherlands, given the grammatically incorrect, "We are behind you", instead  of "We stand behind you". Nothing further is known about the origin of this sickening........"

We are dealing with savages.

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