Monday, January 21, 2019

More Fake News From Our Media?

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

When I first heard this week that a group of high school students had harassed an elderly native American at a March for Life  in Washington, I was appalled. There was a video of this older gentlemen standing in front of these high schoolers from Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky. One kid, who wearing a MAGA hat, was staring at the older man and had a smile on his face. The story line picked up by the press was that these kids were harassing the man. Even the high school in Kentucky rushed to judgement and condemned the "behavior" of the students, many of who were wearing the red Trump MAGA caps.

It appears there is much more to the story than initially reported by the press. The young high schooler in question says that he had no wish to cause an incident and merely kept smiling at him as the video shows. We pick up the story from Fox News.

“White people go back to Europe where you came from,” one of the activists shouted at the Catholic students. “This is not your land.”

Apparently, there was a group of so-called Black Israelites, who have all kinds of oddball beliefs, and who were screaming at these kids and calling them "crackers". There was also some sort of altercation among the black protesters. But could that be true? Check out the below video from Vlad Tepes. (Warning: Lots of foul racially-tinged language.)

I don't know whether the Native American man (Nathan Phillips) acted properly or improperly. It may be that one or  more of the kids said something inappropriate. One student in the back seems to say something about, "... all the way back to Africa".  That is never right. But this is not a one-sided story. Unfortunately, our media jumped all over it in a one-sided account. But that is what they do.

Update: (Hat tip Jihad Watch). And then there is our old friend, Reza Aslan, formerly of CNN and last I heard a professor of something at UC Riverside. He reportedly wants to punch somebody in the face.

Did I say "professor of something" at UC Riverside? Make that professor of creative writing. How appropriate.

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