Saturday, October 6, 2018

Carol Christine Fair Compares Campus Watch to Islamic State

Hat tip Campus Watch and Middle East Forum

Just when you thought the Kavanaugh debate couldn't get any sillier, Georgetown professor Carol Christine Fair, who called for white Republican senators on the Judiciary Committee to be killed, castrated, and fed to pigs, is now comparing Campus Watch to the Islamic State.

Though I am not a part of Campus Watch, I must add in the interest of full disclosure that some of my articles are cross-posted on Campus Watch. So I will respond and try to remain serious.

While CW and I criticize and engage in the exchange of ideas, something ISIS doesn't waste their time with, I can say with certainty that I have never beheaded anyone-nor castrated anyone either. I don't engage in terrorism or any other acts of violence. I don't persecute Christians or engage in genocide. I don't engage in rape (nor has Brett Kavanaugh been proven to) or taking of sex slaves. I don't engage in wholesale murder or terrorism. Last I checked, nobody at CW does that either.

So for this silly woman to compare Campus Watch to ISIS is indicative of how intellectually bankrupt our universities have become under the dominance of radical leftist ideology. As an aside, this week, UCLA's Daily Bruin is reporting protests by the UCLA School of Law, whose students and faculty have convicted Kavanaugh without any corroborating evidence that would even meet the civil law requirement of a preponderance of evidence (51%).

Now that Ms Fair is being sent off to conduct research (and get her out of the classroom and off campus until the fuss dies down), it is hoped that she will have some time to reflect on how silly her statements have been. Assuming she will head off to her beloved Pakistan, where most of her "research " has been wasted, I predict she will come closer to seeing groups more akin to ISIS, like the Taliban and the plethora of radical and supremacist Islamic groups that populate that region. Then she can re-think her comparisons to Campus Watch.

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