Saturday, July 21, 2018

White and Wong at SFSU

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"It's a matter of White and Wong."

The latest saga between San Francisco State University President Les Wong and his despicable professor, Rabab Abdulhadi is continuing. Over the years, Wong has been a solid friend to Abdulhadi and her thuggish friends in the General Union of Palestinian Students (GUPS). While the Guppies (whom she has mentored)  have spread murderous visuals over the campus calling for the murder of Israelis and their soldiers, Abdulhadi was using university funds to travel to the Middle East to attend a conference in Lebanon that never  materialized and meet with bad hombres in the West Bank instead.

Things had apparently changed earlier year when Abdulhadi used SFSU websites to proclaim that Zionists were not welcome on campus. That led Wong to state publicly that Zionist were, indeed welcome on campus, and to rebuke Abdulhadi's statement. Abdulhadi took  it a notch higher when she condemned Wong's statement as being a declaration of war against Arabs, Muslims and Palestinians. Even the chancellor of the California State University System, another empty suit named Tim White, stated that there would be consequences if Abdulhadi didn't remove her offensive postings. In his letter to the AMCHA Initiative, he wrote:
"As I write you, it is not yet clear whether this faculty member will comply with the request. If not, the University will explore all appropriate options with respect to this conduct." 

She has not.

So what do White and Wong do? (No pun intended) Nothing. Apparently, they chose the least appropriate option, which was to do nothing (Hat tip Algemeiner).

It has long been clear that these two empty suits (White and Wong-no pun intended) both need to go. They have let a second-rate activist professor (Abdulhadi) humiliate them and bring yet another embarrassment to SFSU.

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