Sunday, May 20, 2018

SJP Disrupts Israeli/Armenian/Kurdish Event at UCLA

Hat tip Washington Free Beacon

Within days of a College Republican event featuring Israeli reservists being disrupted at UC Irvine, the brown shirts of Students for Justice in Palestine disrupted a pro-Israel event at UCLA also featuring speakers representing Armenians and Kurds. The below article has a link to a video of entire event which occured on May 17.

And how about those  campus cops arriving and allowing the punks to carry on for several minutes before gently ushering them out of the room? Shades of how UCIPD allowed the aforementioned UCI disruption to continue for about 5 minutes before ushering those punks out of the room.

Question: Is there a UC-wide tacit agreement that campus cops will allow disruptions to continue for several minutes before calling a halt?

Naturally, the Daily Bruin gives the disruptors' version of events in this article, referring to them as "protesters".

The whole situation is sickening. While these things happen in other parts of the country, the problem is especially acute within the UC system. The University of California needs a leadership change from President Janet Napolitano down to every one of its campus chancellors.

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