Friday, May 4, 2018

Last Night's Disruption of College Republican/IDF Event

As I reported, on Thursday evening, College Republicans at UC Irvine hosted  Israeli Reservists on Duty at their regular meeting. Pro-Palestinian protesters disrupted the meeting with chants and were ushered out by police and the dean of students after several minutes of disruption. Here is what we know at this point.

It is believed that the disruptors were not UCI students. Students for Justice in Palestine is on UCI probation based on previous disruptions.

One woman apparently snuck in her bullhorn and removed it when she began leading the chanting. Voice amplifiers require school permission even for outdoor events

The event was live streamed by CR so plenty of additional footage will be available.

Here is what was sent to me last night. The top video shows the disruption. The bottom video is very short and was taken after the disruptors went outside. You can still hear them chanting from outside.

Hopefully, the UCIPD identified those disrupting. What should follow now is an investigation into whose fingerprints are on this. In other words, who else was connected to these people? When the Muslim Student Union disrupted the Michael Oren speech in 2010, the police did an extensive investigation that showed that the disruption was organized and planned-and covered up as to the planning. It is time to do so now. This is the third year in a row (every May) that pro-Israel students have had their events disrupted.


Anonymous said...

Coordinated by Lina Othman San Diego SJP >SAn Diego corrdinates these things for UC Irvine.
Had I been there I would've grabbed the bullhorn. Somebody needed to follow these clowns to their cars, get license plate numbers to pass to police for investigation.

Gary Fouse said...

They probably walked back together to the CRoss Cultural Center for their debriefings. This is what they do. If the cops didn't at least take names it was a dereliction of duty. If that's the case, no doubt per orders of UCI.