Friday, May 11, 2018

Hamid Dabashi's (Columbia U) Latest Anti-Semitic Screed

In recent years, Columbia University has been labeled one of the most hostile campuses for Jewish students, and it's not due to having a bunch of professors marching around in brown shirts and swastikas. It's mostly due to the school's long line of Middle East studies professors, a legacy of embarrassment that goes back to the late Edward Said and continues to Barack Obama's old pal, Rashid Khalidi. One of the worst of the current crop, however, is Hamid Dabashi, who is always ready to blame the world's ills on Israel. (Actually, Dabashi teaches comparative literature.)

Of course, this is not Dabashi's first appearance on Fousesquawk.  Here are a couple of examples of where this man's mind is at.

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