Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Day 2 Nakba Week at UC Irvine

It's a real catastrophe

I did not get to  UC Irvine today since I was doing grandfather duties, but my little birdies were. According to my little birdies, the MSU/SJP types were on Ring Road again with their dopey apartheid wall and faces covered once again with scary Palestinian masks. Nothing like dressing up like Hamas terrorists when you are trying to win the hearts and minds of Americans. Anyway, today had a new twist. I had mentioned yesterday that the Israeli IDF group, Reservists on Duty had a couple of members present nearby answering questions. Today, there were more, and the MSU-SJP types had a new tactic. As they broke into their dopey chants for the listening pleasure of the campus, individual members would get in the face of an Israeli Reservist or other Jewish/Hillel student and yell the chants in their respective faces.

That must have made a great impression on the public.

Fortunately, there were plenty of campus cops and officials present. Reportedly, a school official advised Reservists to move back for their own protection. The Reservists reportedly replied that they could take care of themselves. No doubt about that.

Along that vein....

Isssss it true that a couple of weeks back, members of UCI's Hillel were summoned to a meeting with a certain high-ranking UCI official who complained that  (Hillel) wasn't  doing enough about the Reservist on Duty problem-apparently referring to their presence at UCI last May when they had their own event disrupted by the MSU and SJP? (I think that's a question.)

Memo to SJP/MSU: Keep it up. You are hurting your own cause.

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Squid said...

Glad to hear that the MSU-SJP characters are making fools of themselves in front of the UCI student body. Also, hearing that the UCI higher ups and Officials are not happy with the Reservists pleases as well. These UCI Officials have not addressed the problem of civil rights violations of the MSU-SJP types when they disrupt peaceful Pro- Israel groups on the UCI campus. These UCI Officials are eunuchs when it comes to effective administration and management of the MSU-SJP civil rights violations.