Friday, May 4, 2018

College Republican Livestream of Disruption at UC Irvine

Here is a link to the live stream video of the UC Irvine College Republicans event last night which was disrupted by pro-Palestinian hooligans.

The event begins at about the 40 minute mark, and the disruption begins at about the 1:20.00 mark.

Kudos to the Israeli reservists and College Republicans who stayed calm and maintained their dignity in the face of these know-nothing disruptors.

It is always striking how the pro-Palestinian forces are totally unable to dialogue, reason or debate with pro-Israel people. They can only chant and disrupt. Watching scenes like this would convince any reasonable person as to whom is right and who is wrong.


John said...

If you're angry you're angry!
Don't have to have rational arguments or intelligence to express anger.
Just remember angry people; there never was a Palestinian State. When the Ottomans took over in 1516,there were no Palestinians then either. What happened was a very powerful force came in and subdued the people. End of.
The Israelis didn't want to subdue the people, they wanted to work in peaceful cooperation to the benefit of all. Unfortunately that was refused,several times.
Okay. You can carry on shouting..

squid said...

My hope in this serious violation of civil rights, is that it is taken to Court. These SJP/MSU disruptors need some jail time to understand that free speech is a protected right in America. But, I saw the feckless Campus Cops just watching the commotion for a long time prior to stopping the SJP. They need re-education. Also, I doubt if the UCI Administrators will take this violation to Court. They are hopeless.


Gary Fouse said...

Stay tuned, Squid.