Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Jamie Glazov Banned from Facebook After Being Threatened by Muslim

Hat tip Frontpage Magazine

Jamie Glazov is the editor of Frontpage Magazine and a critic of supremacist Islamic ideology. That incurred the wrath of some Muslim guy named Mohammad Irfan Ayoub (At least, that is his Facebook name.) Ayoub, in his less than perfect English, threatened to "break Glazov's mouth".

You can see the exchange below.

Guess which one of these folks got their Facebook account suspended. If you guessed Mr. Mouthbreaker-you are wrong.

That's right. In spite of Mark Zuckerberg's testimony last week before Congress that Facebook does not censor except for cases of terrorism, violence, obscenity, etc., Glazov was censored.

This is right in line with what Facebook is doing in Germany in concert with Angela Merkel's government. They are censoring criticism of Merkel's insane immigration policies that are not only making the country downright dangerous thanks to the newly arrived immigrants, refugees, asylum-seekers, and plain old everyday border crossers (migrants), they are threatening to alter the face of the country in the next generation or two.

But back to Glazov. This is America. Glazov was suspended because he found himself on the opposite of a "noble" Muslim, who must never be opposed in Zuckerberg's Facebook world. The same type of censorship exists in our universities and in the world of the mainstream media. If we continue down this road, we will lose our freedom of speech, and at that point, our country won't be worth a dime.

Last night, while driving home from an event at UC Irvine, I happened to catch a portion of Glazov on the Larry Elder Show. Elder is a black conservative in Los Angles whose show is nationally syndicated. Glazov took the position that dropping your Facebook account is a mistake. It is better to be engaged, he said. I myself have been considering getting off of Facebook myself over this question plus the fact that I am not all that active on it. But Glazov has a point. Why not challenge Facebook from within? How many accounts can they suspend or ban before it turns against them and they implode?

Zuckerberg needs to wake up. When it comes to social media, he and his Facebook are not irreplaceable.

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