Monday, December 11, 2017

Rutgers Disciplines Jew-Hating Professor

Hat tip The College Fix

Under fire for defending three professors who have openly expressed their hatred of Jews, Rutgers University has suspended professor and director of the Center for  Digestive Health (!) Michael Chikindas from  his teaching duties.

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Do you see a similarity?

This is a welcome development because this character had all but plastered images of Julius Streicher and Der Stuermer on his social media. It was disgusting and brought disrepute to Rutgers-especially after university president Robert Barchi had defended the free speech rights of Chikindas and two other anti-Semitic professors while shooting the messenger, the New York-based Algemeiner.

As for those students who are enrolled in Food Science at Rutgers, this suspension might save some of them from suffering their own digestive problems, especially if they were to view Chikindas' images after eating.

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