Tuesday, August 29, 2017

A News Man Learns First Hand About Antifa

Hat tip Vlad Tepes and Information Libertation

This is a personal account of Frank Somerville, a  KTVU news anchor who went to see the Antifa counter protest this weekend in Berkeley. He was stunned by the hate that he experienced first hand at the hands of Antifa.

The American public needs to wake up to this loose-knit organization of goons and thugs. They are the successors of the Occupy Movement, but worse. They are inspired by the violent left-wing Antifa groups of Europe.

Ironically, Antifa means Anti-Fascist, but they employ fascist means of violence and suppression of free speech. They chant, "No hate", but as Somerville learned, they are full of hate. They hate America, Trump, Republicans, conservatives, Israel, and who knows what else. They are anarchists and Marxists rolled into one. They have no interest in debate because they are incapable of debate, and they do not respect the right of their opponents to speak. At Charlottesville, they flew under the radar because they were fighting against vile neo-Nazis and KKK types, plus the fact that one of the neo-Nazis drove his car into a crowd of protesters killing a young woman. Nevertheless, Antifa is just as much a threat to this nation as the KKK and neo-Nazis. They are all despicable.

Now that we have a responsible Justice Department, it is time for the FBI to open an investigation into this group-just as they have been investigating the KKK and neo-Nazis for decades. Antifa coordinates nationally, and someone is providing funds  for them to travel from one venue to another. (George Soros, perhaps?) For example, the man who was arrested in Laguna Beach last week for assaulting a black Trump supporter was arrested the next day at a bus station buying a ticket back to Ohio. Does that not tell you something?

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