Saturday, June 10, 2017

Act for America "No Sharia Rally" in San Bernardino

When the cat's away, the mice will play.
The sign (partially obscured by the sun) reads, (no) sharia law.

Today, Act for America held over 20 rallies across the US to say, "No to Sharia". I attended the one held in San Bernardino near the Inter Regional Conference Center, where the 2015 terrorist attack took place. There were a few hundred people who turned out. There were several dozen counter-demonstrators from ANTIFA and assorted other groups. San Bernardino police kept order. At the end of the rally, we marched down S. Waterman Avenue and observed a moment of silence in honor of the victims of the attack.

One of the speakers (frame 315) was Phil Haney, formerly of DHS, who spoke before Act a couple of nights previous in Laguna Woods (Orange County). Haney has written a book describing how he was called off of his intelligence analyst work by DHS under the previous administration. It is his contention, that the San Bernardino attack might have been prevented if not for the above interference.

As you will observe by the videos I took, our side was represented by numerous American flags. The other side had none. In addition, we had plenty of young people and even had a more ethnically diverse crowd than the other side.

Please note that a couple of times I erroneously pointed out the exact location of the terror attack. The exact location is in the final frame where we observed the moment of silence.


Miggie said...

What the hell is a " legal" observer? Someone appointed by a Court or Judge someplace? I think not!

It is the same jumbo jumbo the UCI MSU uses which means nothing but attempts to make the opppsition think that they have to watch themselves. It certainly does not intimidate the Muslims.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

I'm always happy when I see someone flying an American flag. It is one more person who is NOT flying a confederate flag. My great-great-grandfather fought under the American flag to suppress the confederate flag, and so did the Massachusetts 54th. Deal with it.

These people walking around in circles or down the street mumbling about their dire fear of sharia law could charitably be described as paranoid. Not that there aren't itinerant Muslim clergy calling for it, but the notion that any religious text is about to acquire the force of law in the USA or in any state is beyond ludicrous.

I saw a photo in the morning paper of a counter-demonstrator at some such rally holding a banner saying "God is imaginary." Way to go if you want to offend every Muslim you turned out to support, if you did, which is also conjectural. But "imaginary" comes from the root word image, and I did read that we are made in God's image, so perhaps God is imaginary.

Miggie... wake up from your Rip Van Winkle sleep. Legal observers have been around for centuries even when they were called something else. If you plan a controversial event and anticipate violence that you don't intend to initiate, you designate some people, perhaps individuals not even committed to your cause as such, to be present to observe and take notes (or photos) which could be used as legal evidence if, God forbid, there are any legal proceedings over anything that, God forbid, might happen. I wouldn't be surprised if some causes Gary supports might use a similar approach to the possibility of disruption by the infantile disorders who delude themselves that they are Antifas.

Gary Fouse said...

Like me videotaping, perhaps? Actually I do it for informational purposes me than legal. The local newspapers have provided their usual biased coverage of the San Bernardino rally. Having said that, I do wish some of the folks on "our side" had stayed home. You can't control who comes to these events, and crossing the street to the ANTIFA side was not wise in my view. It forced the cops to step in and gave ammo to the other side.

Gary Fouse said...

Legal observers wearing masks (I noted in the audio) is highly suspect. I spoke with Brian Levin ( CSU-San Bernardino)while he was walking around on our side and he confirmed-as he did to the press- that he is critical of the rally. He considers ACT a hate group-which it is not. When he told me about the guy with the "Mohammad is a homo" t-shirt (which I saw), I had to admit that it was counter-productive and unnecessary. As for the legal observers, I guess they might be from the National Lawyers Guild, a radical left group.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

National Lawyers Guild is about as left as the fancy restaurants most of them like to eat at.

Legal observers wearing masks is indeed highly suspect. But that's not what Miggie said.

You and your video camera could have been legal observers, but you didn't sign up as one, and you just told us you were not.

Squid said...

Legal observers my backside. These self proclaimed observers want to intimidate and suppress free speech by using their psuedo legalize. If they are legal observers, ask them if they have passed the CA bar. If they say no, tell them they are nothing at all and get out of your face.


Gary Fouse said...

One of the "legal observers" at the UCI anti-Israel hate week in May identified herself as a law student (with the National Lawyers Guild). She was present during the May 10 disruption. She did not disrupt herself but videotaped with her cell phone.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Squid, you really need to read what everyone else is saying before you go spouting nonsense. The "observer" is gathering evidence, and does not need to be a member of the bar. To appear in court you need to be licensed to practice law. Perry Mason's sidekick didn't have a law degree either.