Friday, June 9, 2017

At Fresno State, It's "Blame the Jews"

Hat tip Algemeiner

Fresno State University is searching for a new Middle East studies professor under what is called the Edward Said Professorship. Now that four candidates have failed to make the grade, some are accusing Jewish faculty of sabotaging the search.

First of all, this looks like another reason why Middle East studies departments are so problematical. Why should anything be named after Edward Said, the great excuse-maker for failed Arab societies, who blamed it all on what he called "Orientalism"-the racist attitudes of Western colonizers and the West in general? That member of the dead hypocrite society hated the West but didn't pass up the chance to live and teach in the US.

And look who signed the Jewish Voice for Peace petition; David Palumbo-Liui, Hatem Bazaian and Steven Salaita, propagandists against the state of Israel.

Until Middle East studies departments can become true places of scholarship rather than agenda-driven advocacy centers, largely funded by Saudi money, there is no use even having them on campus. This latest example of anti-semitism at FSU is sickening.

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