Saturday, May 6, 2017

Juan Cole's Latest Howler

University of Michigan Professor John Richard Cole aka Juan Cole, has written another piece that has earned him yet another Campus Watch "Howler of the Month" award. (At this rate, he may catch up to UCI Professor Mark Levine  aka Mark LeVine.) Cole has written an article for The Nation, in which he claims that carbon dioxide is more deadly than the sarin gas that Syrian dictator Bashar Assad is using to kill his people with.

In reply (as if one were necessary), Campus Watch has posted this article by E. Calvin Beisner in Patriot Post. He points out that the "deadly" carbon dioxide is contained in what we exhale, something the learned professor overlooked.

Someone should write to Juano and warn him that he may be giving Assad new ideas. If CO2 is so much more deadly than sarin, why not fly over Syrian cities and have your pilots breathe down at the people below?

Can you say, "Hiroshima"?

Or maybe California and other states, vexed over their inability to lethally inject convicted murderers because of "cruel and inhuman punishment" claims and expiring chemicals, could simply pay the executioner to breathe on the condemned prisoners. Quick and painless (unless the executioner has bad breath).

I would go to Juano's website, "Informed Comment", and tell him, but he never posts my comments. If you want to try, go ahead. It is linked here under the section, "Fiction Section".

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