Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Another Anti-Israel Disruption at UC Irvine

This week is hate Israel week at UC Irvine. The Muslim Student Union and Students for Justice in Palestine are putting on yet another week of hatred against the Jewish state of  Israel. This week they are joined by the American Indian Student Association, and promoting the theme of connecting the Palestinian experience to that of American Indians, a false analogy to begin with,

On Wednesday night, however, Students Supporting Israel at UCI sponsored an appearance by five Israel Defense Forces reservists. They are appearing on behalf of Reservists on Duty, a group of Israeli reservists appearing on college campuses making the case for Israel and the actions of its military.

The evening began well at 6 pm. There was only an audience of about 20 people. Each reservist spoke for a few minutes explaining their personal experiences. These were young people in their 20s. Two were American-born females, one was an American-born male, one was a Lebanese Christian who had immigrated with his family from Lebanon due to persecution. He also identified himself as gay. The other was a Bedouin Muslim.

At 7:30 about 30 young pro-Palestinians entered the room. It was then I turned on my video-camera because I knew what was coming. They were invited by the speakers to ask questions. After a couple of questions, the demonstrations began to break out. There was a university official present who tried to keep the event orderly, but it was no use. At one point (2:58 mark 2nd clip 0285), I got the turn for a question. I said that I would repeat my comment before the protesters entered. I stated that I was a teacher at UCI for 18 years who had observed the anti-Israel events for ten years. I repeated what I had said earlier that as a US Army vet, I respected the Israeli soldiers and that I doubted that any of the Palestinian protesters would ever serve their country in uniform. I then turned the question to the protesters as to whether they would be willing to serve their county in uniform. At that point the room exploded. One young girl in a keffiya became hysterical and  shouted at me repeatedly and then the protesters broke into their usual chants. One young lady who I have seen previously leading chants led the crowd in the standard chants while also shouting "F-you" at the Israelis. Finally, as campus police were finally being called, they filed out.

They weren't done, however. The Israeli reservists and the audience that came to hear them were escorted out by campus police as the crowd followed  them with their dopey chants. I left a few minutes earlier and walked through them with my camera still rolling. I then went back and followed them to the outdoor entrance. The aforementioned university official blocked the door leading outside where the Israelis and Jews had exited as the protesters continued their chants as can be seen in the video. At that point, I shut down the camera and left.

In short, it was another example of how the pro-Palestinian side is unable to dialogue and discuss these issues. Two of the people who threw questions at the Israelis got up and walked out as the questions were being answered. In my view, the campus police should have been on hand at the start of the event as with any event that is centered on this issue. It is simply too volatile on the Palestinian side.

Here is the video I took.


Anonymous said...

Did you happen to video the actual discussion? I'd be interested in hearing what the panel said.

The kids looked like a bunch of misfits who want to be part of something. I am not saying Israel doesn't have its faults and it is fine to be critical of Israel. But I don't think the students are looking for a realistic solution to the conflict. They just want to virtue signal and act like they are making a difference.

Gary Fouse said...

I did not videotape the event prior to the disruptors coming in. It was an impressive presentation by the Israelis as they talked about their experiences. I have requested the entire video from their organization and will post it if I get it.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, that Zionist woman pushed that student and then it looks like was trying to assault that girl. Did she face any repercussions from the assault?

Great job by the students for justice in Palestine, though. It seems like they have to deal with so much hardship in Palestine due to Israeli oppression and they also have to deal with this non-sense on their own campus. IDF soldiers shouldn't be on own campus.

Gary Fouse said...

"Whoa, that Zionist woman pushed that student and then it looks like was trying to assault that girl."

Anonymous, Who was trying to assault that girl? If you saw the "Zionist" woman push that student, you saw more than me. I could have missed it in the commotion, but when I went back to the tape, I couldn't tell if there was a push by either person because the moderator's body was blocking the view. No question a lot of people could have kept their cool better, but it was all initiated by the pro-Palestinian people who came with a clear intent to disrupt. Prior to their arrival, we were having a peaceful meeting. It was disrupted by the SJP types, but then again that's what they do from coast to coast. Those are the tactics of brown shirts.

And who says the IDF should not be on campus? They were invited by SSI and they had just as much a right as anyone else. News flash: UCI is a public university and is open to the public.

You give away what's wrong with your side. You refuse to recognize the right of those who disagree with you to speak.

Maybe that's why you write anonymously-unlike me.

As for the poor Palestinians, they oppress themselves by hitching their wagon to terrorism and following people like Arafat and Hamas. They could have had their own state in 1948, but they and their warlike Arab brethren wanted it all. Today, the Palestinians still want it all. I have zero sympathy for them.

rodmclaughlin said...

"They are appearing on behalf of Reservists on Duty, a group of Israeli reservists appearing on college campuses making the case for Israel and the actions of its military."

It is entirely justified to disrupt the speech of people actively involved in racist murder and ethnic cleansing. It's not like opposing the freedom of someone who merely wants to argue in favour of a Jewish state in Palestine.

Gary Fouse said...

".....people actively involved in racist murder and ethnic cleansing."

That is your opinion, not mine. You justify disrupting the speech of people you don't agree with based on your opinions. I have listened to people on your side justify the killing of Israelis and I don't disrupt them. I challenge them during the q and a. You choose to disrupt and chant because you are incapable of debating your points.

This is America, Pal. Go back and read the First Amendment.

Unknown said...

These disruptions are organized with the help of SJP chapters at other schools and planned at Palsolidarity events. One can expect such organized disruptions like seen in Iran or other dictatorships more and more.

Oscar Fernandez said...

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