Saturday, December 31, 2016

Free Speech at Drexel

                                                                      Maybe he was just talking about white dragons.

Drexel University in Philadelphia (home of the Dragons)  is going through a lot of embarrassment because of what what one its professors tweeted during the Christmas season. He wished for a "white genocide".

As Drexel points out, what George Ciccariello-Maher tweeted was free speech and over his own social media. Hopefully, they extend the same tolerance for conservative students who criticize Black Lives Matter, illegal immigration, abortion, or Islamic extremism. As I have pointed out before, were a university to fire a teacher for what this man said, who is to say UC Irvine wouldn't fire me for saying that CAIR is a subversive organization or that Islam is not a religion of peace etc.  I said all of those things and never heard a peep from UCI in 18 years, and that is to their credit. They actually chose to ignore me most of the time. Of course, I never advocated genocide against anybody.

Drexel can declare this case closed if they wish, but they have suffered a lot of painful national exposure over this ridiculous comment by one of its professors (who happens to be white). What they cannot ignore is that universities now have to confront the fact that they are infested with thousands of left-wing misfits and oddballs, and that the public is finally well aware of the intellectual rot that exists in academia. What will eventually follow is a loss of revenue, from public sources, from donors, and from reduced enrollment (e.g. University of Missouri). Infamy always has its consequences.

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