Thursday, February 16, 2017

Who Perverts Hoya Values? (Georgetown University)

Reference is made to recent reports of comments by Georgetown University professor of Middle Eastern studies, Jonathan Brown, and his alleged justifications of slavery and rape under Islam.

One would think that Georgetown would be reeling over this story. Not at the Hoya, the campus paper. Instead, they are running a story on how a GU grad, Steve Bannon, "perverts Hoya values".

So naturally, I jumped into the reader comment thread to make sure the Hoyas were aware of what happened with Mr. Brown.

"While I don’t know Bannon, I think you are wrong about him especially as to the charge of anti-semitism. While I was teaching part-time at the University of California at Irvine, I started a blog that dealt partly with campus anti-semitism and became an activist fighting against it. On several occasions while Bannon was editor at Breitbart, that site quoted reports I had written and supported me.
In addition, I would ask the writer if slavery and rape are Hoya values. If not then someone needs to talk to Georgetown Professor Jonathan Brown, who just recently spoke in Herndon and justified certain forms of rape and slavery."
I also added this:

” If you do not see a connection between Bannon and the rise in anti-Semitism, you are not looking close enough.”
Being on a college campus, you should know that the rise in anti-semitism is not due to people like Bannon. It is coming primarily from Islamic quarters. On American college campuses, that is translated into pro-Palestinian agitation against Israel that all too often spills over into anti-semitic screeds directed at Jews themselves.

That brought on an angry response from someone identified only as Georgetown Professor:

"Please refrain from using the comments section of the Georgetown student newspaper as a platform for spreading anti-Muslim sentiment. You should know that Georgetown was the first Catholic university in the US to appoint a full-time Muslim chaplain. Interreligious dialogue is promoted through the university’s Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, among other programs and departments. The commitment to respect for all faiths and dialogue lies at the core of our Jesuit identity."
As for Steve Bannon, see:
My response to the anonymous Georgetown Professor:

"Dear (anonymous) Georgetown professor.
Maybe instead of referring to my “anti-Muslim sentiment” you should address the statements about slavery and rape that Prof. Brown made at Herndon. I am confident that I am stating facts. So confident I attach my name (as I always do) to my comments.
Unlike you."

So my question to The Hoya is: Who perverts Hoya values? Or maybe it should be: Just what are Hoya values?

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