Tuesday, February 7, 2017

(Mark) LeVine Leads the Resistance to Trump's Travel Ban

A tip of the chapeau to New University
Mark LeVine

UC Irvine's campus paper, New University, is running a blockbuster news item this week that reports that some 60 history professors have penned a letter calling on UCI to do whatever it can to thwart President Trump's travel ban. As part of this important development.......

Ahem. As part of this important development, the paper interviewed none other than Professor Mark LeVine, who now apparently, goes only by his last name. At least I assume it is Markie because he's the only one I know who capitalizes the "V" in his name. (He's French you know.)

"In addition, petitioners urge UCI’s administration to “engage in all feasible efforts to press the Trump administration to rescind the order immediately” and “do all in their power to protect faculty, staff and students who have been directly affected.”

"According to LeVine, this statement is part of a global movement of educators who have realized the implications of this ban on students, faculty and the community"

I guess the President will now have to re-think his options now that Snarky Markie is leading this statewide effort that brings back memories of other French resisters, you know like the French resistance of World War II and Joan of Arc.

What surprises me is that Mark of Arc has only garnered 60 signatures, which may possibly be due to the fact that UCI has (thankfully) such a small humanities section. Nevertheless, I am sure that the great campus organizer named LeVine will find more like-minded colleagues to sign his letter.

Keep up the good work, Mark LeVine. It should earn you another Howler of the Month award from Campus Watch.

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