Friday, February 3, 2017

Daily Cal Newspaper Doubles Down on Riot

"The protest was a grand display of the same freedom of speech Yiannopoulos uses to justify his incendiary, useless harassment."

The Daily Californian, the campus paper of UC Berkeley, is descirbing Wednesday's riot as an expression of free speech.

Wow! If you think setting fires, destroying property, smashing windows and beating people up is an exercise of free speech, these young people have a long way to go in their education. There may have been a lot of outside agitators there, but there were also certainly students participating. UCB was embarrassed. The embarrassment continued last night when Prof. Robert Reich went on CNN tried to imply that it was right-wing agitators who did the rioting.
In addition, the Daily Cal was running an op-ed urging students to come out and kick Milo Yiannopoulos off campus. There was not one word of "peaceful" protest. Now they come up with this embarrassing editorial.

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