Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sweden: CNN Needs to Do Its Homework

CNN is all beside itself picking at Donald Trump's "Look what is happening in Sweden last night" comment. They can't find out what happened last night in the way of a terror attack. The Swedes (some of them anyway ) say they're puzzled too.

Trumps says that his comment was in  reference to a report he saw  on Fox News that was about the overall immigrant situation in Sweden. This was an interview with American journalist and pundit Ami Horowitz, who recently traveled to Scandinavia to report first hand. He was interviewed on Fox by Ed Henry.

So today, CNN questioned why Trump would depend on a  report by a conservative news outlet without any processes of vetting. First, CNN host Pamela Brown talks with reporter Athena Jones, then turns to guest commentators Ron Brownstein and Sarah Westwood. You would think that everything in Sweden is A-OK with Abba singing in the background.

CNN clearly has no idea of what is happening in Sweden. It is also a fact that the Swedish government downplays the problem (mostly in identifying the identity of rapists, criminals and rioters etc) as has been documented for years. If CNN wanted to vet the information, they could visit this site or so many others. We don't make it up. We just go to foreign sources and report the news. As for CNN, they are so desperate to trash Trump, they jump on a story like this and make themselves look ignorant of the facts.

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