Monday, September 19, 2016

Disgusting Op-Ed in Al Jazeera by Columbia University Professor Hamid Dabashi

Hat tip Campus Watch

"Compared to the scale of death and destruction that the US has unleashed on major cities in Afghanistan and Iraq, and later Bashar al-Assad and his nemesis have visited upon Syria, the destruction of those two towers now appears as entirely negligible, even remembering them perhaps an insult to the memories of hundreds of thousands of innocent human beings maimed and murdered and turned into hopeless refugees in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya or Syria."
-Hamid Dabashi
Professor, Columbia University
There have been a lot of expressions recently that have defamed and profaned our commemoration of 9-11, but this is  one of the worst. Professor Hamid Dabashi, who teaches Iranian studies and comparative literature at Columbia University, has written the below piece for Al Jazeera, that despicable news outlet based in Qatar. Shamefully, we have numerous professors in American colleges that write for this bunch telling AJ's readers just want they want to hear in terms of demonizing the US and Israel.

Dabashi conveniently ignores the fact that after 9-11, the Taliban government in Afghanistan refused to hand Al Qaeda over choosing to harbor them instead. We thus had every right to go into Afghanistan to get them. As for all the people killed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, he would have us believe that they were all innocents who died at US hands ignoring those who were fighting against us or killed by the people we were fighting (Taliban, Al Qaeda, ISIS etc). And how is the US responsible for what Bashar Assad has done to his own people?

It is bad enough to blame the US for the intolerance, violence and dysfunction of the Middle East, problems that go back centuries. But for this man to trash our commemorations of 9-11 is much worse. I suggest that if he moved back to his native Iran, he would not have to deal with 9-11 commemorations.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

The comparison is a complete non sequitir. It deserves no further critique.