Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Al Quds Day and BLM Link Arms

Hat tip MEMRI and Debra

There are few pro-Palestinian demonstrations in the US and Canada more asinine than the annual Al Quds Day. Al Quds is the Arabic name for Jerusalem. Muslims lay claim to Jerusalem as their third most holy city due to their belief that the Prophet Mohammad flew there one night on a winged horse and ascended into heaven where he had coffee with previous prophets. (It was actually referred to in Scripture as the "farthest mosque". At least they don't say it was New York, but give them a few more years.)

Now Al Quds Day is taking on even newer meaning because its promoters have now linked up with the Black Lives Matters folks. Check out these latest protests going on around North America.

So you see, the "struggle" of the Palestinians has now been linked to the struggle of blacks in the US. Substitute Israelis for American whites and police, and there you have it. Those who want to kill cops are now marching with those who want to kill Israelis.

It should be noted that none other than CAIR is promoting this narrative as well. Just days ago, CAIR's CEO, the Hamas-linked Nihad Awad (pictured below), was saying that BLM's struggle was the struggle of US Muslims. Go to a BLM demonstration, and the odds are good you will see the Palestinian flag, the flag of Hamas and Hezbollah present as well.

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