Thursday, May 19, 2016

Further Details on UC Irvine Incident

Hat tip Campus Reform

Thanks to documentation by Ariana Rowlands of UC Irvine's College Republicans, Campus Reform has posted more details and an additional video of the asinine disruption of a pro-Israel event at UC Irvine last night.

According to this account, campus police removed the pro-Israel students from their own event for their own protection rather than remove the protesters from Students for Justice in Palestine. If true, seems to me the UCIPD got it backwards.

I have come to the conclusion that it is going to take a lawsuit to get the University of California to take appropriate measures to protect its Jewish students on campus. Letters and complaints have not worked. The recent UC regents statement of principles on intolerance is not working. It is time to bring in the lawyers. If and when that happens, I have about ten years of documentation and eyewitness testimony to give them. In addition, if it is true that these protesters blocked the Jewish students from leaving, the appropriate authorities should investigate as to whether it was a case of false imprisonment.

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Squid said...

Let see, the UCI Campus Police removed the pro-Israel presenters, denying them the right to free speech. The material the pro-Israel presenters was not controversial or anti-American or a call to revolt nor a call for revolt. The campus police acted to protect the speakers from what? Were the MSU and SJP a threat and if so, why were they allowed to continue to be a threat.
The Campus Police are clearly in trouble here. They violated First Amendment rights of the Pro-Israel group to present their material.
Clearly, the MSU/SJP were the threat and should have been removed. If the sponsors of the pro-Israel group have the intestinal fortitude, they should file a complaint with the Irvine Police, the County Sheriff and the District Attorney. In addition, they should go after the MSU/SJP and sue them as well, in civil court.

Yes indeed Gary, a lawsuit is the only way this will stop the "Brown Shirts"