Friday, April 8, 2016

SFSU Campus Paper Report of Disruption Incident

Here is the Golden Gate Express report of this week's disruption of the speech of Nir Birkat by pro-Palestinian protesters at San Francisco State University.

"After almost an hour of nonstop chanting, Barkat finally said his goodbyes to attendees and exited, drawing triumphant cheers from the protesters, many continuing to scream for Barkat to get out. They filed out after Barkat, while San Francisco Hillel staff escorted audience members out through another exit."

Once again, I post the text of a letter I received from SFSU President Leslie Wong that said that his police made multiple attempts to move the protesters.

"Mr. Fouse, I was troubled by reports coming to me from my police and security team this morning. They are completing their investigatory work especially with regard to the potential violation of a number of student conduct codes which will inform the formal conduct hearings. We do not condone their behavior and I am quite saddened by it. But our conduct processes will now take over. Police were present and made a number of attempts to move them out of the area. I appreciate your note. A letter to faculty, staff, students, donors and supporters is being distributed today. Respectfully, " Dr. Les Wong President San Francisco State University

Meanwhile, here is the response I just received from SFSUPD Interim Chief Reginald Parson:

"Dear Mr. Fouse,

Thank you for sharing your concerns in regards to the events that occurred earlier this week at SF State University. 

President Wong has provided a message in response to the incident that you can view at this link:

Kind regards,


Reginald Parson

Interim Chief of Police
SF STATE UNIVERSITY POLICE DEPARTMENT | Student Affairs & Enrollment Management
Office: (415) 338-2747 | Dispatch: (415) 338-7200 | Email: | URL:


Stay tuned. 

*Update: I have put the text of Wong's response to me in the reader thread of the above Golden Gate Express article. I have also forwarded his email 
to me to the paper. That should shake things up a bit.

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