Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Jewish Event Disrupted at SF State University

Hat tip SF Hillel

This evening I received an email from the San Francisco State University chapter of Hillel. Today, the mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Birkat, came to speak at SF State. Almost predictably, the pro-Palestinian brown shirts turned out to disrupt and shout down the event. Below is the statement of SF Hillel regarding the incident.

This is yet another example of how SFSU president Leslie Wong is unable to control his campus and protect Jewish students who are pro-Israel. Mr Birkat had a First Amendment right to speak, and his audience had their First Amendment to hear him speak.

This is the same campus that recently saw expressions advocating the murder of Israeli soldiers by members of the General Union of Palestinian students.

At this point, I have no further details as to whether the hecklers were removed, arrested or what action, if any the campus police took.

Stay tuned.

*Update: Pro-Israel activist Dumisani Washington has posted a short video on his Facebook page. It shows about 15 or so students chanting in the back of the room. Apparently, the campus police stood by and "monitored' the situation.

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Here is more from Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers. They have a couple of photos of the Brown Shirts.

* Another link from Arutz Sheva courtesy of Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers.

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Dusty said...

Absolutely nothing happened to the disruptors.